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Kiss of Life

  • That dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night was everything. It's always good to see friends from L.A. on the east coast.
  • I love an unexpected phone call from a boy...(fag)
  • I work with an amazing group of people. Except for my boss. He's still a niggerasshole. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you sure can learn a few things from them.
  • If I get one more call from my attorney in Los Angeles about receiving certified mail to her office from the Los Angeles Superior court...reschedule that court date until after I return from Europe. I'm tired of paying people just because. If y'all only knew the half. If muthafuckas know or think you have it, they will come up with a reason to get in on it to.
  • My sisters father is suing me...again. I raise his daughter and this is the thanks I get? Meanwhile he can have porn on her computer and give her an STD, (yes you read right *PAUSE* LET IT MARINATE) but I can get sued? You lie in court and keep me entangled in a 5 year court battle. Girl, please die already. I can't wait for the day where I can legally talk about his pedophilia issues.
  • I had theeeeeeeeeee best date Tuesday night. OMG. I've never met anyone this fascinatingly interesting in my whole entire life. And he asked me out, when I was wearing sweats...
  • After my Dr's visit yesterday, I'm a little bit softer. They scheduled my procedure in a couple of weeks. My manger will be there to drive me. She and my attorney are the only two people I have in the city. I'm not a fan of anesthesia. I bet he'll come if I ask him. I can already tell he's a great guy.
  • I only plan on telling one person in my family what is going on with me, my uncle. No one else can handle the stress. Besides, it will stress me out more with all of the questions and explaining. I've always wondered what I would do if I was faced with a health crisis. Now I know. 
  • Usher & Trey Songs on the 17th, Prince & Lalah Hathaway on the 18th.
  • He invited me to his house on Saturday. I mean he's the coolest fuckin' guy on the planet. He's cultured. He has a passport. He speaks 5 different languages, he's very down to earth and humble. I haven't felt this way in a long time. And he has the softest hands, the nicest smile and dresses amazingly well.
  • Funny how life can change and turn around in a matter of days. Just a few days ago I hated the world. This is a for sure sign that my numb affect is coming to an end. It's really not that serious. But it is.
  • I'm appreciative of all the support and comments people have about my work. It truly does push me to keep doing what I do.
  • Can a nigga get out of this tax bracket tho? Like, for real. I need a write off or a few quick.
  • I love Ciabatta bread.
  • I deserve to be treated nice.
  • "Don't make me wait too long, just play my favorite song...I'll get my Vanity 6 on."
  • I finally know the difference between what kind of guys I like and the kind of guys I want to fuck. There is a huge difference.
  • I also am confident in what type of people I want and need to be friends with. 
  • Light skin, dark skin, my Asian persuastion. I got them all, that's why yall girls out here hatin', cause I'm sexy.
  • Luther Vandross. He's one of my favorite classic R&B artists. There is nothing like him.
  • This muthafuckin surgery better be covered by my insurance.
  • Where the fuck is that damn check? THE FUCK!!
  • Awww. He is so fuckin' dope. Like. OMG. I can't wait to see him tonight. He has a passport. I think I want to ask him on a Amsterdam.
  • I'm not talking about him anymore after this I swear. His conversation is soothing. His touch is gentle. His smile is radiant. His look is comfortably piercing. I don't wanna fuck. I just wanna be around him.
  • Meanwhile, this 20 year old football playing, thick neck, cockdiesel lookin nigga was talking to me after class the other night, telling me all about his dick and the places it's been. I knew he had a big dick when I met him. I know a good fuck when I see one. He will not upstage my pending love affair with "Livingston". But we are Facebook friends. It's 2010, that means something.
  • Semester is almost over. My Law Professor decided to give me a take home final a week early.
  • I learned nothing all semester. I have a feeling next semester won't be this easy.
  • I told my mother that I was having health problems. She did exactly what I knew she was going to do. Sit there and ignore it. Shouldna told that bitch shit. She don't give a fuck. I should have kept it to my uncle only. He's the only one in my family that possesses an emotional compass.
  • Not to be scary. But I need to write a living trust. If something did happen while I'm under anesthesia, who would I want to have my money? I would be the bitch to donate that shit to charity after my estate is settled. I don't want them having access to that much money. Oh! My uncle. #DUH
  • I want to see Whitney Houston on tour in my lifetime. YouTube videos and recordings aren't enough. I gotta see her sweat a wig out from at least row 5.
  • Did I ever tell anyone I'm not excited about this Janet tour in 2011?
  • I'm officially over fuckin' without a purpose. I'm too old to be dickin' these niggas down the way I do. Besides, good sex is draining.
  • "Cute" boys are the devil.
  • My mother always told me to curse out and beat up anyone who offered me drugs. I almost got into a fight last night.
  • Why is that (even when you don't announce it) when you make a conscious effort to stop doing something (smoke weed) it comes out of no where in abundance?
  • It's official. I think every last one of them are the scum of the earth. Yes, that is a good name for those kids. The Three Stooges.
  • I so want to wear my sweats tonight. Them thangs need to be WARSHED. You hear me? WARSH!
  • I'm still debating if I am going to hand my old college friend his ass via Facebook or totally ignore his friend request. He totally snubbed me when I moved here, flat out lied to me and my feelings were hurt. Now he wants to be friends on facebook? Nigga please. We're not on that level anymore!
  • Why is it that people take your good nature for granted? 
  • I'm a good friend - loyal to a fault. 
  • I have never liked Alicia Keys.
  • Why do people stand and linger, when you're clearly not interested or done speaking with them?
  • I want Cheesecake Factory again today.
  • ooooooooh, my friend who's an actor, who I went to dinner last night. I've been dying to see him get recognized in front of me. He always tells me these annoying stories about how people respond to him in public. In my mind I didn't think it could be that bad. I guess it would get annoying after a while. Do I really want to be famous?
  • I ran into an old associate last night in Cheesecake Factory. I never understood why people pretend to like you when they haven't seen you in a long time, knowing damn the fuck well they never cared for you. I like to say hi and keep it pushing. No need for anything extra.
  • I could be a little more forgiving, but I'm good on that. I've been disrespected long enough.
  • John?! You been smokin? Mmmhmm. I know a weed smoker when I see one! Game recognize game nigga! Give me the green light another again.

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