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Where is my fiber tab? I need to release some shit.

  • My co-worker has a running joke, "You been smokin'?" :-/ I really should stop using my phone while under the influence of anything while standing on my 10th floor balcony in 20 degree weather.
  • I miss him already.
  • I've almost fallen four times while in my Ugg boots. Now they have some unidentified stain on them. I should have bought that cleaner that Sam tried to sell me. Sam is my new Shoe Shopper at Nordstrom. The half yearly sale starts in 10 days. Bitch I am about to sell them my ass!
  • You know, in spite of everything, you buy my books. I got the receipts to prove it.
  • Speaking of books, I need to call the printer and have them swipe this card for payment. 1.11.11
  • Scratch my five previous bullet points and read  The BlackSexMaster's post. It will gather you together for the roosting. That bitch read me a few of my rights, while using my own words against j/k, but seriously, it was right on point and long over due. What I love about him most is his eloquence. He keeps it simple while going for the jugular. I love it!
  • I'm convinced my boss wears depends.
  • Grape Juice has deep cleansing effects.
  • Why is it that I always seem to attract men who are straight presumed heterosexuals (opportunistic homosexuals) but want to have sex with me?
  • Awww. Ciara. If you're going to use Janet Jackson's formula for success, make sure you take notes properly. Here are the cliffs notes:
        • Stick with the same producers, you fucked up when you stop riding Jazzy Pha's short fat dick.
        • Re-invention is key. New wigs, new weaves, different designers, new dance moves.
        • Experiment while remaining yourself at the core. We all know that Janet's melodies are in her choruses. Where are yours?
        • Repeat the same thing in all of your interviews.
        • Gain 20 pounds then loose it.
  • I think friendship with men is more valuable and more important than sex any day.
  • I take pictures with white people.
  • When you motivate others, someone will always come to motivate you. I'll never forget the people who pushed me to success in the most soothing ways.
  • The holiday party at work Tuesday was low key, but it was fun.
  • I sent out a Christmas Card that read, "Merry Christmas Asshole." I would love to see the expression on my sisters fathers face when he opens it. BitchAssNigga
  • I would wait to go shopping online when it's time for me to get off of work.
  • Hot damn hoe, here I go again. I have homework due today and ask me if I even started it?
  • My science teacher (my last stupid class) keeps dick riding me for an assignment that I have no interest in turning in, but maybe I should do it. I might surprise myself and get a B. I need that shit considering I did fail a class this semester.
  • I've come to the accept the startling fact that I'm a big time procrastinator and I am my own worst enemy. 
  • "Shading" someone is always pre-meditated.
  • Didn't I have $500 dollars yesterday? I mean, I'm down to 300, wtf is going on?
  • I wonder if there is some of that chocolate cake left?
  • I felt so liberated walking around my room in a v-neck and a pair of big boy bikini briefs last night. I didn't have any eyes watching my every movement.
  • Saturday, I will sleep all day. WAIT! NO! I can't do that. Prince concert! #FML Like I'm interested, but I'm tired.
  • I really need to get a grip.
  • I unnecessarily waste time.
  • Why can't twitter have a feature where u can just go down the list of people to delete?
  • I think I may need to try rehab one more time. Never mind.
  • In fact, if I had a boyfriend there would be no need for drug intake. It's a swap.
  • I sound like an addict and I don't like the sound of that! **PAUSE**
  •   "Love the person who saw you when you were invisible. #TheLoveTeacher" I'll never forget the night I met @JLawr3nce. I was invisible that night - but there was an undeniable connection. That meant a lot to me. I can't wait to see him.
  • I'm reading Paul Mooney's biography "Black is the New White", at the suggestion of my friend @Miss_Nikkia OMG! I love it so far...I tend to only read autobiographies/memoirs. It's more effective reading when I'm getting ready to put out a book of my own.
  • I need to call the hospital and have this procedure rescheduled till after the new year...I also need to call my insurance to see how much of this they are soaking up.
  • I'm not giving/gifting anymore money to her. I am really starting to get annoyed that people are asking for money. The fuck outta my pocket just cause you know I got it. Family gets on my last dam nerves.
  • Didn't think I would ever be the one you'd have to ask for money.
  • I love it how people will talk shit to you all of your life, casually forget they did it, then turn around and ask for help from you. I thought I was young and stupid who didn't know anything? Hmph. Funny how tables turn.
  • I have a lot of work to do. Thank God there are people in place to make this happen more than I want it, it says a lot doesn't it?
  • I have really fallen off. I'm starting to recognize a guy I do not like, that I've been before.
  • Where is my rapid detox kit?
  • Where is my fiber tab? I need to release some shit!

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