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The Winter Solstice.

  • I'm having second thoughts about being in a relationship. I shouldn't have let #SmallFry spend the night last night.
  • I miss #Taurus. It's very ambiguous. But I'm gonna have to tell him that I wanna smash those cakes. #EatItAndBeatIt
  • He kept grinding that flaccid dick on me all night and kept referring to it as "Penis" nigga say dick and I might put my mouth on it. :-/
  • My boss thinks he's slick. Keep on talking out the side of your neck nigga and see what happens. Let me go pop my bag of kettle corn so I can sit back and watch this movie in progress. Matter of fact let me check my email to see if his boss responded to the email I sent.
  • The Prince concert at Madison Square Garden was everything and more.
  • So they decided to go with an external candidate, a recipe for disaster. I expect to receive more two week notices.
  • My boss is such a fuckin' asshole. He's on vacation - and he decided to lock me out (electronically) of our new time keeping system. I know one thing, I'll just let him deal with 40 angry white people about not getting paid on time. I gets money...
  • OOOOOOH I forgot about him. He's a year younger than me...another black guy in the office. I don't fucks with him though. He doesn't speak when I speak to him, so fuck him. I'll have to show him like the rest. Nigga, you gotsta come through me to get that time card approved. Don't make me flex.
  • "Pop Life" everybody needs a thrill.
  • Did I tell you I'm seeing Prince again on the 18th?
  • The older I get the less I am concerned with Christmas. Although I love the decorations and the music.
  • The perfect Christmas in my mind is a trip to the Bahamas drinking a Patron margarita, while watching the waves hit the sand and laying up with a smart, educated, witty, attractive, thick, black dude who is my friend, my confidant and my's possible. If I can dream of being a published writer and watch that come true....
  • Thank God for Netflix, I still ain't watched this Anita Baker concert yet...
  • So I'll be locked in a room for like three days to tie up all loose ends before the year is out.
  • I rescheduled my "procedure" till after the New Year...
  • I think it's time for me to put out Season 9 of "In The Mix With Trent." It's literally been a whole year.
  • People who are unsuccessful look so miserable. Especially when they set traps for other people.
  • Being someones friend only to be nosey and tell their business gets you no where. When you need a friend, guess what? You'll be alone and borderline suicidal. Get back is a muthafucka ain't it?
  • In retrospect, he wasn't a friend. He hosted and honored all the other ones, but he was always low key nasty to me. He may have a nice house and throw great parties, but I know who he is when he is alone. I wonder if he's nice to people yet. I just wanted to be his friend. Old tired queen.
  • I don't brag. I tell about progression. I let you know that you can make it. If you only knew some of the places I've been. The things I've done out of insecurity and the place that I'm at now...bitch you'd be giving me money. God is real. Religion is not.
  • I am truly blessed. I must admit that slacked off major this semester. This was the first time in a decade that I've been a regular, for real, full-time student. I had some major adjustments to make. Thank God I had a fantastic teacher who nagged me to get my assignments in because she knew I was a good student and capable of getting things done. Karma has blessed me.
  • I always treat people well. I do right by them. This is why I stay blessed and my life moves forward. Being nice to people is like a savings account. You never know when you're going to need to dip in to make up for something that you lack.
  • I forgot that I was capable of writing good essay's. In fact my psychology paper was actually well written and concise. It was a proud moment for me to read that. I never give myself enough credit. If I want to receive, I have to give it to myself first.
  • Sheila E. coming on stage at Madison Square Garden to sing "Glamorous Life" and then bouncing is classic. That bitch rocked that song like it was the 80's all over. Prince is everything.
  • I love winter. My favorite and birth season is here...
  • It's all for you. If you really want it.
  • I leaked my book...did you get the link?
  • I love how the Feds said I didn't report income for two years in a row...liars. I told yall about them royalty checks.
  • The more assert myself, the better I feel.
  • Also with age, the less I care about what you late bitches think. (Not you...but you know)
  • The best way to get back at people is by doing what they told you, you couldn't do.
  • #MilitaryGuy is full of shit. I'm not dealing with him after today...this morning rather.
  • I feel good! Like the moon is shining just for me....
  • Biiiittttttch. Can this mercury retrograde hurry up and be over? I need to buy these new electronic pieces.
  • I mailed one of my aunt's a Christmas card. The inscription read, "Fuck over a kid and see what happens to your life."
  • "From Thursday December 23, through Monday January 10, I am unavoidably out of office." Can someone please hand my boss a dictionary and give him a lesson on proper word usage? Thank you. I'm tired of thinking for him
  • Gays are so predictable and uninteresting to me.
  • I have a crush on a presumed heterosexual. Why do the curious boys always hit on me? I need a man who knows that he likes to be held at night by another man.
  • Sometimes you have to fight for whats right and be the catalyst for change. When it's done in LOVE and ENHANCEMENT you'll always win.
  • Clorox bleach will always clean the dirty load...
  • P.S. #SmallFry, I don't get out of bed to make a nigga shit, especially if he's not sticking his tongue in my hole or running it up and down my dick...fuck, even kissing me. In fact, why are you even asking for food.
  • If you see something wrong, it's your duty to say never know when someone is going to help you, when someone is wronging you.
  • I'm so tired of smoking weed. Like really.
  • Fuckin shame that you gotta tak shit to a nigga first before you can have a normal conversation.
  • Wait!! **PAUSE** Did that nigga #SmallFry really ask if he could have my bottle of Don Julio? That nigga done fell and bumped his head.
  • I got invited to the house in The Hamptons for NYE. His sister invited me. His family still loves me, but I am not going up there to look at him and Larissa, even though everyone adores me.
  • You done talked and did all this shit thinking you're black Jesus and shit, but guess what? I'm the type of shady bitch that will wait till you leave on vacation to throw you under a bus bitch and have your bosses and a litter of white men in Armani suits waiting on you as soon as you come back from vacation.
  • See, you thought you were a big boy and had it all under control, thinking you were gonna out do me. MMMMHMMM, back where you will take you places you'd never thought you'd go.
  • I watched Dynasty as a kid, that is why I read bitches for filth.
  • You will always have to come to or through me to get something done. Bow down and respect my gangsta...
  • I need a RedBull
  • oh yeah...Merry Christmas bitches!!!

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