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6 years later where are they now: The Frank Roberts edition

"Back n tha day" when blogging first became popular there was a group of bloggers..."The Black Gay Bloggers" not to be confused with the original Black Gay Blogger, Karsh.

"The Black Gay Bloggers" ran in the same circle! We created our own national support system which I don't think we really took advantage of or appreciated properly. But there were some very positive bonds formed when we first did our thing around 2005 before YouTube killed us off...or at least tried to. Before the popular bloggers that you guys idolize like celebrities today, we laid the groundwork for that. Check the records, they are there. There aren't very many Gay Black bloggers that have been blogging as long as me and a few others.

It was a fun time nonetheless. We got into drama - and shared the experience of young, 20-something black gay men who were all coming to terms with our sexuality at the same time. In retrospect, in our own way we got each other through some very difficult times in our young lives. We were young, gay and catty...not all of us.

There were a few bloggers that stood out. They had that something extra - something that made you think, challenged an idea or gave you clarity moment that changed your life forever. They always seem to make an impact and leave a lasting impression for what they contribute.

Frank Leon Roberts - an academic on a mission, was one of those people that left an impression on me. There are so many ways to describe Frank. He was the cool, opinionated, cocky guy over at (now open to invited readers only).

These days Frank has a new venture on the horizon. His new "Post-Racial Negro" T-shirt line. Check out his announcement below and learn more about one of my all time favorite bloggers by visiting his new site:


stormeka magnegro said...

My introduction to the concept of a blog was through the Black Gay Network of blogs.

The first blog I ever came across was Rod's - who I refer to as my Blog Father. Next was Leon and then You.

Good to see Leon is doing big things!

T. Turner said...

I miss you guys! Please come back!