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  • Ciara's CD isn't as bad as I thought it was, hence the title. That song came on while I was getting my ass ate this weekend in L.A.
  • Speaking of L.A. sex, never will I call you again when I'm in town. Why couldn't I find Young Fresh?
  • "It' funny how your feelings change. The more you know, the more things stay the same."
  • I had such a great time this week I was under the impression that I should move back...then I woke up after my night at The Abbey.
  • I saw someone I used to fuck, who I flip cammed. He asked me, "Is this for you blogspot?" The comment was as pitiful as he looked. Trust and believe when you fuck without a cause, you end up looking run thru. I only filmed him to shake my head in disgust later and remind myself, never to fuck with someone of his caliber again.
  • It was good seeing a few familiar faces...
  • My sister had no idea I was coming home! It was overwhelming for me to see her drop her Wii game controller right in the middle of playing, dart across the living room and jump in my arms. I love that little girl.
  • One of my puppies got away! The other puppy who I call "The Boy Dog" was sad and crying. I wanted to cry with him, but I couldn't find the nerve to do it. I felt his pain though. OMG! He kept going to the back door crying.
  • I missed #Taurus while I was gone. He's a good dude.
  • So, the key to life is creating good karma. Once you have a streaming line of karmatic credit, you can come and go as you please and do whatever you want to do, without resistance.
  • Traveling is essential.
  • I'm learning to let my barriers down a little more.
  • My birthday is in 60 days.
  • So there is this #TreacherousHomosexual who I know, who is holding some shit over my head. Some shit I said 3 years ago...that he recorded. Now, go ahead if you want to release a spliced up tape. But I've already talked about it. And your timing couldn't be better. Just wait a few more weeks till I get the physical copies of "Pop Life."
  • I am so glad I don't live in L.A. anymore. Since I moved, this website was incepted. I could not imagine this website being in existence when I was "L.A." and very much lived the life those kids were living. We all know about my time in L.A., but that site takes it to a whole 'nother level. I have no desire to have people in my business like that.
  • "Sundays at The Abbey" (unedited) will make or break your gay social life in Los Angeles. It is the epicenter of all things black and all things gay.
  • I will see Janet Jackson 3 times this year. #HongKong #DC #LA
  • So my Forensic Psychology teacher gave me a B. Bitch I poured my heart in that research paper admission on Borderline Personality Disorder and I get a B? Oh yeah, I didn't turn in that mid-term :-/
  • I'm okay with being me.
  • One thing I do miss about L.A. though is driving...sunroof blasting.
  • I appreciate my Uncle. He always listens to me. And it made the lawsuit I've been involved in for the last three years a little bit more bearable. He asked me, "When is this shit going to be over?"
  • I'm actually looking forward to finishing school.
  • Moving to D.C. was one the best decisions I've ever made in my life.
  • My life is rich and I am immensely blessed.
  • Fuck over someone and see how your life turns out...I see your misery all in your face and I look at the mess of your life. :-( your bad!
  • I can't believe I made him cum in 3 minutes.
  • It's funny how when you're the "new boy" in the club, everyone is on you. Funny how the L.A. girls have no clue that I'm not new or recycled...but I know whats up.
  • It was fun flirting at the abbey, I met this boy who I've dubbed "Keri Hilson" and after I discovered that website, funny how he was a regular all up and thru that site.
  • Again, this website, although based on factual observation, I don't like seeing my friends targets of things like this.
  • While we're on the subject of friends, just because we talk doesn't mean I hate you or I'm mad at you. I'm not the same person I used to be. I've outgrown a lot of things, clothes, places, etc...if you respected and accepted an old version of me, you'll always be good in my book.
  • Speaking of clothes, bitch, I'm starting to look too wide in pictures. Can we fix that in photoshop? Bitch if you can cover up your acne I can be thin. Mariah Carey did it.
  • In fact what I need is a fine ass man that's going to make me jog and give me a nasty look when I think about eating a French Fry. It wouldn't be bad if he liked to lick booty either. :-/
  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why is it that, when you make eye contact, you're talking, you're feelin' the vibe and you say, "You know. I think you're a cool dude, I'd like to take you out to dinner...platonic," they get all weird.
  • So my pick up line is "Do you have a passport?" Boys eat it up every time. It catches them off guard and I love it when they say yes.
  • Ain't nothing like an L.A. boy...the swag...but they on that bullshit.
  • I missed the memo about wearing V-Neck T-shirts to work.
  • Loyalty is the most important trait in any social interaction.
  • Those are two fake ass fence riding ass niggas. Not fuckin' with them anymore. They are the type to be claiming they know you 'an shit' when you're up but talkin' shit when you're down. But we can be twitter friends. :-/
  • You know, he is a really great guy and I'm glad that he is apart of my life.
  • I am still devastated that I did not like not ONE picture from my photo shoot last week. I knew that I wasn't camera shows. Photoshop can't fix expressions...
  • It's this old ass white bitch in my office named Liz. She has to be about 106. I was asking her why something hadn't come in yet and she sang "You are working for the Government. Nothing gets done all day," in the tune of "I've been workin on the railroad..." :-/ Bitch ain't never lied.
  • My podcast was supposed to comeback this week. I get these sudden bursts of excitment to record and then I loose it. (BPD)
  • Maybe I'll just do it, (the show) once a week.
  • I'm not hoping he fails, but when karma strikes I just want to be present to make eye contact with him. It's better than me saying I told you so.
  • I forgot it was a three day weekend.
  • "Hey there goes two stereotypical black guys."
  • So, if my male co-worker says, "Love you babe," on his way out daily, what is he saying really?
  • Why does my math professor look like Monica? I think when I go to class tonight I'm gonna breakout into "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! ALL OVAH ME-EEEE"
  • Let me hit it so I can catch the book store.
  • P.S. have you seen my fiber tabs?

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