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2.9 Landing

late in the midnight hour.
up aimless.
thinking about all the things...
i need to do.
to make happen...
but it's pointless.
can't focus.
can't concentrate...
don't know what to do
how to make it work

funny how when your mind is clear
you don't know what to do
when i was high
i seemingly had all of the answers
that worked
to patch
a temporary solution
to a permanent
but fixable problem.

in between
balance and assertion
anger and happiness. on replay
nothing is happening anyway.

i guess when it hits me it will hit me.

just yesterday i was inspired to do all these great things
today i found the energy that's kept me captive for
the last 4 years.

i feel something big about to happen.
nothing bad.
i feel like the old is coming to an end.
ushering in an era that will benefit me
my dreams
my goals
my aspirations...

i'll let the music play
not making a false move
so i wont be taken down.

i see whats getting ready to happen.
i wont force it.
i'll let it happen.
I already have a backup plan...

sometimes I wonder why i can't be normal.
why i get bored so easily.
why i'm so selective
why i'm so moody
why i like what i do...

then i realize it's just me...
a spark of so many things...

it's time to ignite the fire again.

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