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Get Away...

  • I literally flew to L.A. for the day to prove a point. Bitch don't hold up thousands of my dollars, give me the run around, talk low key shit and think I'm going to be kick back about it. I might TALK A WHOLE BUNCHA SHIT, INCITE RIOTS AND SLING MUD, BUT BITCH DON'T FORGET I ALWAYS BACK UP WHAT THE FUCK I SAY! SAY SOMETHIN!!! Who's going to be the next bitch to be proven wrong?? OH OKAY.
  • So my birthday weekend was fantastic.
  • I can't wait for this weekend...
  • I REFUSE TO BE DENIED. I am real tired of bitches getting brand new attempting to act as if I don't exist when the records are there.
  • People would always be like "I'mma pray for you to stop being high. I need for you to stop doing drugs." Bitch, what you don't understand is that being high kept me from telling your ass a few things about yourself. I know me. I know that I'm direct, upfront and a straight up bitch. If thats what you want, then that's what you'll get! You can't handle a sober conversation with me, let alone a high one.
  • Do you. People will always have something fucked up to say, especially if you're doing something different from the masses.
  • People will always want to criticize while not giving you credit for the part that you play. But then you'll catch them trying to immolate you - watch them fail.
  • if your interaction with me isn't genuine, don't fuck with me. Thanks in advance!
  • Keep your prayers to your muthafuckin self. I don't know who the fuck you're praying to and what about. I will be fine.
  • Just because I've KNOWN you for 10 plus years, doesn't mean were real friends.
  • She tried watch what I do.
  • If you thought that I was going to slow down and make it easy for you to jump on my train after I powered this shit alone, you better start thinking more clear.
  • Actually I like being sober. Being high made me nicer and being nice gets you no where. 
  • I know who has my back and I know who doesn't.
  • Because I'm assertive, doesn't mean that I'm mean. It just means that you're uncomfortable with me being myself and quite frankly that sounds personal.
  •  I have a low tolerance and an utter disdain for habitual linesteppers. And I'm not talking about people that dance either.
  • Most homosexuals can't, don't and won't deal with me because I don't dwell in a delusional fantasy world where Rihanna reigns supreme.
  • There is more to life than your sexual orientation.
  • I do what I want and I come and go as I please. I only answer to GOD. "Lets get that straight."
  • I live my life and I'm not bound by ridiculous standards of mediocrity and if you do, we can't be friends.
  • Gay people always ask me how to get straight male friends. My answer, stop making your gayness an issue and quit tryna suck they dick...let them scout :-/
  • My favorite line is, "So you admit you just lied." Fucks peoples' world up everytime.
  • Don't say happy birthday to me a week later. Bringing it up will only irritate me...
  • I'm don't fuck with anyone who is always talking about Jesus/God told them....bitch God don't talk that much - and Jesus is dead.
  • If you didn't take advantage of it the first time I offered it...don't come hit me up asking to be down later. I don't do bulshitters remorse.
  • So in a meeting at work they were talking about all the previous office managers and their nicknames. One of the managers said, "I wonder what we'll say about you after you're gone." My response, that really doesn't matter because I know the roll I play and what I'll contribute - so the real issue will be how ineffective you are once I'm gone. #Ooop. Should I turn in my two week notice now or April 15th?
  • I know when it's time to leave. I never overextend my welcome. I bow out gracefully.
  • I know my worth and when it's not invested in or utilized properly, I must excuse myself.
  • I'm going to enjoy myself this weekend and prepare myself to release this book that you all have been patiently waiting for. I genuinely appreciate those that are interested and get my work and what I contribute. I'm just that kid from L.A. that's been through and overcome some shit just like everyone else. I just speak about it and I'm in touch with it. I used to sit in my room listening to 90's R&B doing the things that made me happy...that was creating stories that people can learn from and relate to. Thanks very much for allowing me to share. Have a great weekend...see you when I get back into the country.

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See you!!!
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