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I guess, Girl.

  • Well, March is coming to a close. This was a great month. Miami, The Bahamas, Janet, Rahsaan...progress on the production of my book. I have a lot to be thankful, grateful and proud of. I'm very blessed. Life hasn't always been this way.
  • You know...if I had channeled more energy into the true artist that I's not too late.
  • My music reviews and interviews are classic...I'm going back to that.
  • Drugs have stolen a piece of my joy. I can admit that.
  • Someone needs to sit these young ass kids down and have a heart to heart. The generation behind me can still be reached. I remember what I needed in my early 20's and I need to give that back to someone who is willing to listen.
  • Get the message and ignore the messenger.
  • I am so tired of meeting these delusional, flaky, full of shit ass niggas who don't know if they want to be my friend or foe. Yeah, you like me, but you're not sure because I'm assertive and I'm not afraid to tell you about yourself, while putting myself on blast. I try to give people fair warning of what they're dealing with before they get involved...suit yourself weak ass nigga. I need someone with a backbone, personality and someone that has their own life. I have no time for epic failures on my team.
  • I am truly my mother and father's child.
  • I miss some parts of the old me...I used to be a little more social. You know what. I still I am. I'm just guarded and I only share my true self with those people who deem themselves worthy and capable and understanding the complete package.
  • You know. I used to get mad about a lot of things. I realize that now I am the example for a lot of people. I never really paid attention to that....But I realize that my call to serve is greater that what I imagined.
  • I need to pray more...I need to center myself more. I, just like everyone has a tendency to only pray and talk to God when things are wrong. But sometimes I do have my moments of praise. I just catch myself thanking God for life. For having food in my kitchen when I'm flat out broke! For having my rent paid, my cell phone on, internet on. The ability to communicate. The ability to hurt and grow from experiences.
  • I'm learning on how to interact with men better. Not having a father, does affect people whether people realize it or not.
  • Honestly, my silence, lack of blogging and recording my podcast (in which I enjoy doing - and I'm glad you guys like it) is because I've spending time reconciling my childhood with my present and working out all of the issues that I haven't dealt with, that have stifled me tremendously.
  • It's important to know what works for you and what doesn't.
  • I'm falling in love with myself.
  • When you're beat down most of your life, you start believing the negative things that people tell you.
  • By no means am I foolish. I see exactly what you're doing. I'm not telling you how to do my job so you can take it.
  • I looked in the mirror on sunday. I looked at myself and I finally felt attractive.
  • So one of my boss thought she was cute by emailing me "It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to..." Of course she caught me with my guards off. So I email her back, "Well since you seem to have all the answers about how to manage my time and since you seem to have the delusional idea that you're the only one I report to, take the 10 minutes and complete it." - I have yet to get a response.
  • Fuck all graphic designers.
  • It's 3 in the morning. You know that I'm horny...
  • So. I can't deal with Larry Hoover flirting with me. He licked his lips at me. He doesn't know how close he came to getting his dick sucked today...that's how you reel them in. Next thing you know they're taking's all apart of my plan.
  • WHY AND THEEEEEEEEEEEEE FAWK is Raphel Saadiq still making records for his granny? Bitch the 60's and everything that came with is is over, with the exception of racism.
  • I had an enlightening exchange with my older sister who lives in Chicago. She and I haven't had a real relationship. Growing up I somehow knew that we would get close as we got older.
  • I can't be a big brother to my youngest sister, who I helped raise, if I'm not one to my older brother and sister.
  • I am the oldest...I have a 25 year old sister, a 22 year old brother and a 9 year old sister. I have to start setting a better exmaple on what a big brother should do and more importantly how a man should conduct himself while protecting, enhancing and challenging his family to be better people.
  • I'm someones Thats crazy to me. It adds a little pressure...
  • For a long time I was afraid that I wouldn't find myself again. For 3 1/2 years, I was lost, high, depressed and an overall trainwreck. I thank God for the people placed in my path to shine a pinhole of light to ensure that I would come through the darkness and back into the light.
  • When fate catches up with your ass, aint nothin' you can do.

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Pamalicious said...

Janet gave me so much life!! I'm so glad I got to see her!! I stood in the middle of my row at work this morning waiting for my shine - bitches, lol