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  • I don't understand why the cute boys have to be Libra's. Yeah. I do. Cute boys ain't shit and neither are Libra's.
  • Gossip gossip nigga just stop it! Every body knows im a mothafuckin monster!
  • When you set a trap for others you only set a trap for yourself.
  • It's always good to see people return to their core. Particularly after watching them go through hell and almost death. Talking to him made me cry. He was pure. He was honest. He was connected. He was the person I remember. The person I first met. He was himself.
  • Hopefully I can get my netflix DVD before my plane takes off.
  • It's all good. I'll be respected for who I am and what I contribute. 
  • What really gets on my nerves is a bitch that wants to jump on the bandwagon after the work has already been completed. I'm good.
  • At this point in the game I know what WORKS and WHAT DOESN'T. I'm not afraid to tell you either. 
  • Some people are just stuck in their misery and bitterness. Leave them there.
  • I was thinking about how my life was when I lived in L.A. Who I was, who my friends were. My goals...funny how none of that even matters anymore, like it once did. 
  • Honestly we stopped being friends because I didn't want to be in your 3some and you were shady...
  • I'm a private person - and even though I have a "public life" that doesn't give you the right to overstep your boundary.
  • A colleague once called me the "Kelly Rowland" of publishing, insinuating that I always have a book coming out, that never comes out. That bothered me...but I'm okay with that comment now. It's not something I harbor anymore, I'll expound on this in my last point.
  • Where are they now?
  • I speak the truth - and I know it isn't for everyone.
  • Why do people try to shoot down stars who had their 15 minutes of fame 20 years ago? Janet Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, etc are all still relevant -without them...You're not gonna sell out stadiums and go platinum every time they release some shit. "Fame is now, talent is forever" or eternal....
  • The older I get, the more I appreciate my family, my mother in particular. I understand her a lot more and while I don't excuse some of the things that she did, I know why she did them. That's more important. I got the lesson. She was the very first person to teach me life. Through her, I learned that you can't trust everyone, people are always going to have something to say (good and bad), everyone isn't going to be there to support you...I love her for that. It's made things easy for me as an adult. Especially working for the Federal Government.
  • People should be more fuckin' grateful. If your punk ass friend tells you they've booked and paid for a hotel room for you and you get there to find out that it's not paid for while you're looking tossed and driven needing someone else to pay for it, the least you can do is say thank you and look the person in the eye while saying it and after that, you need to upgrade yourself and find a new set of fuckin' friends. PERIOD.
  • I can't stand an opportunist user...
  • I know guilty crafty person when I see one. I'm not done.
  • If you're costing me more that what you're giving...#ItsNotGoingToWork
  • I think I will start doing music reviews again soon.
  • I depend on myself...I need others, I do...but if you're draining me...
  • The older you get, the less you want to deal with people and their shit.
  • I'm doing me.
  • I will still tour Japan one day...Tokyo is on my radar.
  • Life is all about choices and you don't always make the right don't have to repeat your mistakes.
  • It's important to acknowledge others.
  • It's important to reflect...
  • Shutting the fuck up and listening is uberly important.
  • A big weight has lifted off of me when I dropped that class. I can focus on the other classes that I do enjoy.
  • One thing I despise is a liar. My professor was talking all of this big shit about who he is and what he's done...didn't even know that "we" work for the same federal not even listed in the global directory...
  • While I understand you realize and value my resourcefulness - ask me politely, be grateful, learn and use me wisely...not out of greed.
  • cgtyson "Word to the wise: Avoid mediocrity at all costs."
  • Some people don't know what to do with affection, but I give it anyway. It's who I am and they'll always remember the part that I played to enhance their life. You can't deny the truth...even if you never admit it out loud, your mind will do it for you.
  • I win no matter what. No matter how long it takes, no matter what I go through...I win. 
  • You don't have to be shrew, callous, hardhearted in order to get what you want out of life. You certainly don't have to change who you are or sacrifice your principles. But you do have to be tough in the pursuit of a better life.
  • "Don't run so fast, you might fall on glass."
  • I got in my company car yesterday and turned on the radio and "Walking" by Mary Mary was on. I was moved to tears at the simple message. For such a long time I chased the wrong thing and danced to everyone elses tune about what I was doing, when i realized there is nothing wrong with walking and taking your time to achieve goals...It reminded me that I was on the right track no matter who's doing what and what's going on around me.

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my ex was a libra... enough said.