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Girl. Fcuk you.

  • I knew it was a beautiful mistake.
  • I'm not fuckin' with that. I've been there, done that and got several souvenirs. Nothing is appealing to me about a man that lives his life with women that wants to get sucked off and fucked by me.
  • And whats up with texting me 5 months after I initially had sex with you? Really? It took you that long to gather yourself? Or is it your main jump off is unavailable...but wait, really? You kept my number after 5 months...and clearly you know I don't live in L.A., hence my area code. Whatever...But don't think I'm not gonna fuck again on my L.A. trips this year. I was the "first" guy he allegedly slept with. Boys lie about that too. 
  • Once this one man told me to go easy, he had never been fucked, but just loved my dick. I stuck my dick in his as...actually it slipped in. NO WALLS. Let me get my purse and go Miss. Lady.
  • #Taurus annoys me and I'm over it.
  • I'm starting to think that the single life is for me...but against it because most people in my family are and I don't want to be anything like them, yet I'm like them in so many ways.
  • I smoke weed daily. I'm so not interested in getting high on 4/20.
  • I'm an adult. That's why I know what works for me and what doesn't.
  • In my office I'm apart of an old regime that many of the people in the office are used to and slowly letting go of....Either I adapt the change or leave. I know when it's time to exit. I can't really get down with people trying to micromanage me on the low.
  • I work in IT. One of my co-workers said that he was going to quit and hack in to everyone in America's bank account and steal 1 penny from each of about a come up.
  • My black boss will be back at work tomorrow. Black Bitch.
  • I really wish I was more focused...and didn't do everything at the last fuckin' minute.
  • I was inspired by LaToya Jackson (who by the way is playing theeee fawk outta all those bitches on that show) and her Australian gold theme. My balcony at home is real bland. Nothing is out there. And since the summer is coming and I spend a lot of time at home, I figured that I'd "showtime synergy" it out and transform it into some beach them or something festive. I want astro turf, some of those snobbish exotic plants, bamboo, some of those cute string lights and I can't forget the 125 bags of sand. I'll keep you posted.
  • It's always the lesser of the two evils.
  • I was having a conversation with some guy the other day and the subject of anal sex came up. He couldn't believe that I'm a 29 year old homosexual that's never been penetrated. I don't understand why that's so hard to believe. He's 32 and he's never been fucked, (yet). I'm not the one to just let some random man run up in me. To be honest, being gay is built (if not based) on a series of one night stands that never really add up to anything. So for me to just let some nigga stick his dick inside of me and never talk to him again...really? Wake the fuck up. I may just be naive or old fashion or whatever...hell delusional even. But you can't fuck me if I can't track you down later. Besides. I'm saving that for my mate. 
  • And besides, the body makes commitments whether you want to or not.
  • I still can't believe he called my hair a Jheri Curl. WTF!? He tried that shit...and it was duly noted. I'm assuming he was trying to get back at me for saying he was emotionally unavailable. Hmph. The truth is the truth, but my hair is not a Jheri Curl.
  • Apparently It wasn't time for me to retire this blog as I thought it was. There were a few blank entries that were being counted as official blogs. After I deleted them, I saw that I owed this 6 year old site at least 11 more entries before that ever happens. **SIGH** Have you seen my new website though? It's mellow. But bookmark that muthafucka. That will out last this.
  • No job could ever pay me enough to sell out my dreams.
  • It's like the pot calling the kettle black...
  • A lot of people in my family are mad at me because no job could pay me enough to sell out my dreams. Furthermore, no person can make me sell out my dreams either. As a matter of fact, circumstance can't make me sell out my dreams either.
  • Sometimes God strips you of everything, not to punish you, but to show you your own strength, where your help is coming from and who your real friends are. I can count one hand who has my back when it comes down to me being broke, depressed without shit to call my own.
  • When I first moved to D.C. I lived near 2nd & Rhode Island N.W. I really liked the Blackness of the neighborhood and the Howard kids doing their thing. 6 months later I moved to Connecticut Ave NW past the D.C. Zoo. Living up here has created the biggest false sense of security. I recently went to visit my old neighborhood. I was so out of my element...especially walking back to the train station. I've walked those same streets at 1 a.m. fearless, now here I am at 11 p.m. going back uptown scared of getting robbed. Bitch I need to quit playing and move my ass back to the hood so I won't get shit twisted. I'm still a nigga.
  • I really hate people standing over me, watching me do something. Sit your ass down somewhere!
  • I can't believe it's been 6 years since she's been dead. I didn't realize I was grieving all of that time either.
  • She sassed me. She absolutely tried that. While her delivery was swift, with flawless effort. She failed. Just when she thought it was a defeat, I pulled out the dagger and stabbed her back. Smiling.
  • I always win. I treat people right. I'm honest and I have the ability to admit where I'm wrong.
  • I can not stand by and watch children suffer. Ever. 
  • Every office has a ghetto worker. In fact, the 5th floor of my building is referred to as "Iverson Mall" and or "Marlow Heights"You should see the person that greets you as soon as you step out of the elevator doors.
  • I have a social disorder. The inability to be fake. I do believe in being cordial tho.
  • Speaking of 4:20 (4/20) muthafuckas who don't even smoke are promoting this shit. WTF? Girl. Fcuk you and sit down some damn where.
  • "Cute" boys ain't shit. Never were, never will be.
  • Considering my past. I'm blessed.
  • While were on the subject of "cute" boys - they are a different, special kind of crazy. That Halle Berry, half-breed crazy. Let me stop while I'm ahead. I don't want to offend no body. I've lost friends behind making comments as such.
  • I am convinced that Aaron McGruder based @UNCLE_RUKUS on Jesse Lee Peterson
  • It is necessary to bend the rules. Guidelines...
  • Today someone asked me, "Why aren't you on stage somewhere?" Didn't have an answer really. But I'm not one of those people that will go their whole lives saying, "I wish I would have..." The time is coming and soon. I've been working up to the point.
  • I am real funny acting. I know myself too well for you to try to read me and tell me what I already know. I tried to tell you. You didn't listen and now you found out the hard way.
  • I hate saying this out loud - and admitting this. But my best working experience was when my boss was a white dude. I take that back, men in general. Well. Older black men. Working for a black woman presents a whole of problems, especially if she can't control you. Working for a Black man under 50 poses problems because he see's you as a threat and also wants to control you. I'll have to sit down and draw this out on a piece of paper. Who knows, it may be a book. I've had a lot of corporate experience...
  • I really don't like people directing unwarranted curse words at me. That is the quickest way for me to not deal with you and pull all the way back. You know, I don't expect people to think like I do, but I do expect for you to have common courtesy. When I'm in a foul mood or going through something I either stay my ass at home or give people warning. I'm not going to just subject them to my nasty attitude especially when they had nothing to do with it. That muthafuckin' #LarryHoover had the nerve to curse at me. I was like...**PAUSE** After all of the arguing I did for you to get that promotion...based on your merit, you wanna take some shit out on me? My mom did that once and she's still paying for it to this day. You may wanna watch who you cross. You never know who's rooting for you or working behind the scenes on your behalf.
  • Very proud of my buddy! @JumataEmill on the release of his new book, "Never Dead" checkout his website and order the book! It's good so far...

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