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Old Fashioned Mondays...

  • Today is my sisters 9th birthday. I wonder if she knows how much she means to me...Happy Birthday Kid. You'll read this one day. Know that your crazy brother loves you and don't mind the subsequent statements. I'm just doing me.
  • Fuck the federali's! I just knew I was going to be sprawled out on someones beach today, thoroughly luxuriating with a fruity drink with the umbrella in it. They just had to upstage my unofficial vacation by signing a budget agreement. Whatever. 
  • It was high traffic in the restroom at work this morning. I've never seen all of the stalls full...and that smell. They either sold their ass to Satan or had some bad breakfast.
  • I think I'll touch up on my plastic surgery this week while I'm in L.A.
  • Speaking of L.A. I'm excited about going...looking forward to hanging with the kid.
  • I'm also looking forward to some familiar DI....lets see how quick I can line them up. Plural. I don't get it in D.C. like I do in L.A. There is something soothing about familiar dick. Even though I don't take it...
  • So I went to The Park At 14th Friday night to hear the homie Rahsaan do his thing. While there I was spotted by an OPM investigator (Office of Personnel Management). Very weird seeing other Government staff outside of work, especially when they are nothing like their work persona, especially when they remember you, but call you someone elses name. I'm the same dry bitch all of the time. lol...
  • Some dude that was trying to date my momma called me dry. I was in the driveway of the house one day, he drove by and waved, I didn't wave Classic me.
  • I folded my laundry from two weeks ago...
  • Where is Taurus? I haven't seen him in over 3 days.
  • I saw this fine ass dude at The Park. I knew he was a gay...I wasn't going to speak, because you gay people get real weird when someone is being nice. Like, I like to suck dick, but just because I'm being nice doesn't mean I want to suck yours. Besides that, it was a rough week. My fro was up, I looked a mess, I hadn't shaved and my outfit was crazy and I hadn't had my botox injections so I was sweating every fuckin' where. It happened to be his birthday, he and his friends were nice. I wasn't trying to fuck. I've been in this conservative town for 1 year. It's time I start being more social and I need more people to hangout with. Someone of my caliber should have tons of friends! It should always be a party where I am. I'm an amazing person. I don't think he got that. Plus he's probably use to people throwing themselves at him...I'm not the one. I'm from L.A. there are people that look like him all around. He's an Aries...I just have to keep in mind and what that means. Plus I think he was with the guy...either way they are both fun and I like them all. #OrangeShirt
  • After I read @BlackSexMaster's latest post, it made sense.
  • You may not think it, but I'm a completely different person in person.
  • I don't know why and the fuck I was up last night thinking about my ex...the greatest (yet the worst) ex ever. The one that I loved out of deep insecurity. Clearly we're over it...The truth is you never stop thinking about someone that played such an integral part in your life. Even it was drama.Who the fuck am I fooling? I still love him. The shit is sick, I need to let it go.
  • I'm seriously into building friendships. Gay men don't get that. Even if I do flirt...It's a part of my nature. The bottom line is, if I fuck you without getting to know you, I'll treat you like a slut.
  • If you're trying to get to know someone, never give them your twitter account. They will never do any research on why you tweet crazy shit...and they'll always use it against you, instead of asking you directly.
  • I'm getting excited about doing "In The Mix With Trent," again...
  • I'm gonna need for people to stop throwing themselves in front of the train at the Bethesda stop! I'm already late to work, I don't need you aiding their agenda to get rid of me...and besides no one wants to be brought into your death match. Watch it lady!!! And the next time you're feeling some kinda way and don't want to go to work, stay your monkey ass at the house with that shit!! Or call me, I'll give you a few reasons not to off yourself.
  • Speaking of people wanting you gone, LaToya Jackson tried that last night on Apprentice. That bitch knew what she was doing #Strategy like a muthafucka. Nene was mad because she didn't think of it first.
  • I'm addicted to Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Chips.
  • I love that my bosses will be gone this week...
  • DL Boys, the ones that appear to be tops always end up sucking and taking dick.
  • Speaking of sucking and taking, my co-worker (the one who the OPM investigator was investigating) told me about how his friend called him to tell him a story. My co-workers friend was waiting on his wife to come and pick him up from the metro stop. She didn't show up and as time progressed he just ended up going home. Quite naturally he kept calling and calling with no avail. She finally rolled in, looking wore out. She basically said her phone died, she ran out of gas and was tired, so she was going to bed. While she was sleeping the husband said she was sweating, snoring and shaking - he knew something wasn't right. So he looked in her purse and found handcuffs, anal lube (what brand cause I need some..) and this! I'm done...I need to get some of this bitches tips.
  • I didn' realize I was still grieving until after I wrote "Pop Life."
  •  Since I didn't sell a piece of ass (literally) to that man for a job at that magazine, I just took on the character in Pop Life. It was the same thing. I research and live each one of my characters...That is what artistry is. living the the material. Creativity allows us to share it. That is the difference. anyone can be creative. 
  • Once I finish reading "Pop Life," I'll sign off on it. It's a very emotional book. I put it down and come back to it...It's a lot. I started reading it again Sunday morning and put it down because I started crying.
  • I'm very blessed. I live an amazingly rich life.
  • I know one thing. If you don't read and support my shit, how the fuck do you expect for me to subscribe to your shit and understand your art? Stop playing  yourself.
  • In high school my friend and I loved the Scream's only fitting that I'll be in L.A. this weekend  to view the new Scream with my same friend at the same theater we saw the previous three movies at.
  • I regret to this day rejecting that boy like that. It's been 10 years and I'll never forget him coming to my dorm room that night and saying to me, "If I told you I was gay, what would happen in this room right now?" I replied "Nothing." And that's all it ever was.

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