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The Strike Down

  • Wait, did I really come to work commando today?
  • So we had a fire alarm at work today. As everyone scurried and left the suite my boss looks at me and says, "You're the office manager, you're in charge. You're the last person to leave. Make sure everyone gets out." Bitch I had my Forever 21 Men's Bag tricks in hand and was out the door before her.
  • I wonder if anyone noticed....It was a promo tool for bookmark that shit!
  • Today is Administrative Professionals Day. The group of people that run the organization and never get acknowledged. You would think someone said something to me today? Hmph. One of my co-workers did. And because I'm on my period, I almost cried. That was nice of her - and she treated me to lunch. Thanks #Tanya
  • The truth of the matter is someone always acknowledges. It will always be one person, the person you least expect.
  • God Always sends a messenger...the one you least expect and judge the most.
  • Sometimes she really gets on my muthafuckin last reserve nerve. I wish she would carry her ass to a psychotherapist. If she starts any of that bullshit with me while I'm in L.A. I'm going smooth off. I'm going to write a nasty gram and leave that shit for her to read. She is a bully. A 50 year old grown ass bully who doesn't take responsibility for shit. She never has and never will. I'm so tired of dealing with her.
  • People will always have something to say.
  • I keep forgetting #Taurus is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay younger than me.
  • The summer is among us. These muthafuckin 18 year old boys are walking around with their wife beaters and cargo shorts on at 7 in the morning, with frothy loins trying to entrap me. I can see yall little young niggas looking at me behind my shade(s). I fell for that trick last summer. Well he was 20, but it's all the same to me. 
  • My manager is one person that will give me food for thought while I'm spazzing.
  • Speaking of 18 year olds, they know exactly what they want. My hot ass was too afraid, but I wanted an older man to break me off. 11 Years later, I'm still waiting. But not really. 
  • I just can't...But now that I actually look 30, they will stop bothering me.
  • I still have no clue when people are flirting with me. I like obvious, but subtle drops. I guess I come on too strong when I flirt back?
  • People really don't know how to place me...calm on the surface, storm on the inside. It's a Pisces thing. It also explains why people never take me serious. Hmph.
  • The body makes commitments whether we want to or not...This is why I'm very particular on the people I fuck. I'm an addict and I can't be getting hooked on shit I can't have whenever I want it. Lets keep it all the way real.
  • I need to loose 10 pounds before I get on this flight tomorrow.
  • ALL of my bosses are back at work this week. Aint none of them bitches shit. 
  • Have you read This?
  • I'm devastated. I got the biggest reality check. I can't write it, but next week on the Season 9 Premier of "In The Mix With Trent"  I will tell all!!!!
  • Three years after the fact, a publicity stunt would have been going to rehab, not faking my own demise. **Eye Roll** I can't wait till I release Pop Life to set that record straight. I know some people haven't forgot, I lived it. I'm going to talk about it before one of these messy fags try and bring up in an interview or something...
  • Looks like I'm going to be the one to explain death to my sister. But I don't think I want to take her to the funeral. This has been one of my biggest fears...explaining death to her. I'm just glad it wasn't one of her parents.
  • That nigga know damn well he's lying about living in D.C. I wish he would just come clean already. I'm not dumb.
  • I've said it before, drugs have suppressed me greatly. All these people "praying" for me to get off drugs...well I'm off!!! Trust me, you won't be able to handle me...drugs made me more manageable. But I believe in giving people what they want...the full frontal, the full monty.
  • Actually I like sobriety...clear and clean thinking.
  • Being smoked out had to's a part of the story. It's a part of progress...
  • The bottom line is people get mad when you don't have a lot of responsibility and you come and go as you please. Bitch make better choices and treat people right and you can get like me!
  • Yeah, you may be more popular, sold a lot more books, have lunch with power fags but the big picture is, I didn't have to fuck my way around to get where I was going, I didn't compromise myself to get noticed and my books are still 14.00 a pop while yours are available for .90 Sit down girl.
  • It pays to be nice....
  • God knows exactly what he's doing.
  • We're all being monitored.
  • The Truth will always prevail....
  • WHAT AND THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FAWK? REALLY? So because you want your child to be better and have greater opportunities, you get arrested and go to Jail? Yes...READ THIS. This is some foul, ass backwards, fucked off ass shit! Why aren't people using money to prosecute real crimes? I'm telling you, it's time to get armed in this muthafucka.
  • Beyonce is about to brainwash yall again...isn't her time up yet? We need someone new...she's washed out.
  • I've laid low long enough.
  • Lets see how long I can stay sober this time...maybe a summer boyfriend may fall in my lap. REAL MEN AND GOOD MEN DO NOT WANT A WEED HEAD AS THEIR BOYFRIEND. I don't give a fuck what they tell you....I know what they SHOWED ME
  • And anyway two weed heads in a relationship is not gonna work, that is extreme and utter chaos.
  • He tried that! Nigga I put in the work for that and you jumped on the train, where the fuck in my shot gun!? Hanger on ass nigga.
  • Weed had me in a 4 year fog.
  • I really can't deal with people who have no goals or ambition in life. If you ever ask anyone what they want to do in life and they say "I don't know" run for the hills and leave their asses right there. It's sad that they have no direction, but it's not your job to come in with a cape and save a hoe. Cause when you do that, guess what? You're putting yourself on hold for them. Next thing you know you'll be looking in the mirror, brushing your hair saying, "I give you 11 fuckin years of my life and you're telling me you're leaving me for a white woman?!"
  • Don't get mad because I can genuinely connect with people. It's a part of the magic. Just enjoy it...experience it.
  • The old way of doing things no longer work. It's way past time to retire the old and allow yourself to flourish in the new.
  • If you've never been addicted to drugs, I don't expect for you to understand my process.
  • The perv at work brought his daughter in to work today. She's such a sweet little girl...
  • I'm soooooo waiting for the opportunity to channel her on a date!
  • He better not try to slide his dick in me either. I don't play that shit. Tongues only nigga!!!
  • Oh, by the way. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Good Day!

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