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My period was late.

  • Yall queens are thirsty for Don Lemon. It's clear that he's an aggressive, vers bottom who is maximizing on his coming out (having fun on twitter)...yall are tweeting him up a storm. He's not going to respond...but he loves the attention. After all he is a #Pisces...
  • Not at all discrediting Don, he did something that most WOULD never do. Do you know how easier for us it will be? A lot of us will be able to walk through the door graciously that he just kicked down. A non-stereotypical BLACK GAY MAN...that's a lot.
  • Is it safe to say Beyonce fell off? Thanks. Girl...she's tired. That video is tired and that song is tired. Although I do give her credit for pulling a 90's Jackson (Michael & Janet) Pop know, debuting her video in Primetime on regular TV. We all remember when Michael debuted "Remember The Time" on Fox...Janet did  "Alright"...The 90's.
  • AND Girl!!!! if yall don't sit the fuck down somewhere. Neggers cheat all the time. However having a baby and deceiving your wife for 10 years...bitch is about to take ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL yo money. My ex boyfriend was lucky he was broke when he cheated on me with a tranny. Furthermore, mama got Kennedy in her blood. He better watch it. Someone is gonna terminate his ass.
  • All I do is win, win, win no matter what...
  • Keri Hilson. Bitch. Your time is up. Keep writing...stay out that booth unless you recording scratch vocals for a track you wrote to. Know your place and keep it cute bitch.
  • Let me just say this, the planets are re-aligning to strike down on all you fake ass, whack ass, trife ass bitches that have continually kept shit up over the past few years. Niggas like me that work hard to make a difference have been blocked by that fake shit long enough...Karma is coming back harder than ever.
  • The world ends every day for some people. Saturday is no different. But things are changing. Just look around. Ain't no carry on.
  • I need to go back to wearing my sunglasses...
  • I bet you think my book is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you? Ha-ha-hoo-hoo thought I'd be broke like you, silly ass faggots try to shade and be friendly too...
  •  I've never been this emotional in the middle of the month.
  • The truth of the matter is I'm lonely...I need a date, maybe I should leave the house?
  • I'm mad that I've let myself go...I lost a lot of weight before I moved from L.A. and I looked amazing when I first moved to the east coast. Now? Not so much...I forgot I had dreadz when I moved here...cut those off last Memorial Day. Now that I've said that out loud, watch I start looking good again.
  • I made contact with him and even though we had a crazy relationship, he is still very much a part of me. Neither one of us can deny that.
  • Nose Job. Got one? I just did, you can hardly tell. The swelling...
  • I've accepted the fact that I'm hard (personality wise) but it's only a buffer. Once you get to know me you'll understand why it's there. I'm just a soft, cuddly, uber sensitive type of guy.
  • I was completely overwhelmed by the hype and various blogs promoting "Pop Life" this week via twitter. I was having a very emotional morning then I started getting tweets and facebook messages about the cover. It was very humbling. When I envisioned this cover concept in 2009, this is exactly what I wanted to happen. It's just getting started though. Everything I've ever worked hard for is riding on this book.
  • You know, I appreciate a genuine conversation. Especially when the person calls me by my real name.
  • Weird how I miss L.A. but as soon as I touch down and drive around for a few hours, I'm over it. But I do miss L.A. boys and the sex I had...that's it. For everything else there is Skype and airline tickets.
  • It always throws me when I'm randomly reading and I see "Trent Jackson..." My first reaction is always, "Hey! I know him, what...wait, that's me." I always forget that I'm him...Then when I'm in public and people call out Trent, sheer insanity. To you he's real, in my mind he's made up...I guess I better get used to it.
  • 3 times this week...I think this was the most humbling, I've come a long way. Then there was this....It made me remember when I first started writing 7 years ago and the lack of opportunity that was presented to me. And finally unexpected write up of the book, even though I knew it was coming, I didn't know when. The truth of the matter is, I've worked really hard. In all honesty, when I came out, I wasn't visible. Everyone went along with the "popular crowd." Now that they aren't here anymore and I still am...
  • I love how the other writers will secretly talk shit then subsequently make book announcements after I make mine. Really? Girl...I bet you think my book is about you...
  • I am such a drama queen. Why when I don't talk to my family for more than 3 days I always think the worst?
  • I just want someone that will look me in the eye and listen and understand...I don't need you to say shit or tell me what I need to do.
  • It took me a 18 months to do the cover for "Pop Life" You'd be surprised to know that the lineup changed more times than Destiny's Child in 1999. You see all these little gay boys running around talking about they're a model and all like that, but how many of them took advantage of the opportunity presented? A few were ungrateful, some of them were told by their shady gay girlfriends not work with me for various reasons. But I'm proud of the finish product...You can fix your face now. #Winning #Duh
  • Funny how all these people are coming out of the woodwork to jump on board this project. Bitch, I don't beg, I only ask once and I don't present opportunities more than once, twice if God tells me to give you a pass.
  • Just because I'm gay and I'm about to release one of the greatest books in my career, doesn't mean I'm about to be friends with you. I'm not on that Hollywood shit. If you can't be friends with me when shit is real, you have no place in my life when I'm doing well, touring the globe, taking pictures and having lunch...fallback, don't make me loose it. Control...
  • If you don't fight for your place, you'll loose it.
  • There is always a mediocre bitch willing to fuck, suck and sell themselves for your spot. Watch yourself.
  • Stay in your lane and please signal before you try to get over in mine.
  • The funny thing about it is that #Trade always talking about they don't suck dick. Eat that niggas ass out and see what happens.
  • I want to be a stripper. Interesting how my daddy was a stripper...yes it's true.
  • Yall been knew BET wasn't shit. It' Ain't been shit since Donnie Simpson & Sherry Carter left.
  • I really want someone to grab and cup my ass while they're kissing me. Clothes on.
  • People must really expect for you to take their shit on your back, raw, with no lube. Oh okay...
  • My last post to this blog will be on May 31st.
  • Wait. Whatever happened to that TV series you were producing that went straight to DVD, the one that you made 100 copies of. #Shade
  • Sometimes it's best not to say anything. Know in your heart who you are and operate on God's time. When people fuck over you and are just malicious for no plain reason, say and do nothing. You'll cross them again and when you look them in the eye, you'll know that life has paid them back in full.
  • "deceitful little serpent. The End. Moral:None"

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