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Yawn Bitch...To be or not to be..

  • I am two seconds away from doing 8 lines of Coke on my desk and drinking an industrial size Redbull.
  • If there is one thing other than my sisters father that I have an utter disdain for, it's flying in the day light. My flight left Los Angeles at 3:30 P.M. yesterday. I didn't get into D.C. until after 2 a.m.
  • And the nerve of that cab driver to inflate that fare the way he did. The cab ride from my house to the airport is usually no more than 22.00 including the 2.50 airport fee. Why I paid 26.00 last night? I don't know. But I know one thing, the next time the drive adds that airport fee plus the fee for two additional passengers, I ain't payin! I know I'm a plus sized man, but bitch you tried that! I wonder what the karma is for padding a cab fare. Thank God I'll never know...
  • Hmph. May....
  • Osama Bin Laden....oh okay. Girl I forgot all about him. They was lookin for him the 1st time I attempted to complete my undergrad degree.
  • The nerve of that bitch to ever call me an ass kisser or fake. I do what I have to do to maintain my job. But when you go into the bosses office with the door and I can hear your laughter from where I'm sitting, you know I'm gonna be lookin at you with a mean, cold-cocked side eye right? Oh Okay. Especially when you talk about that bitch daily.
  • I don't fuck with people I don't like, whether I report to them or not...
  • period is on full frontal mode.
  • OMG...I'm soooo tired and so is my Grandmother for that matter.
  • You know, L.A. serves her purpose. I'm sure her mission is to conquer and destroy. #Iwin
  • That had to had been the longest funeral ever. They sang like 8 songs. OMG. I was over it. I walked in, sat down in the back row in the balcony. Viewed the body, let people gasp as they saw me walk down the aisle, I walked outside and soon as I did I had a car waiting. I left. I didn't speak to anyone.
  • AND THE NERVE OF MY COUSIN...I'm going to air that bitch all types of out on the Season Premier of "In The Mix With Trent" tomorrow May 4th! Don't expect a lot, but expect muchness.
  • Dealing with me, you will adhere to some type of standards. Complaints? Address them with my family, they are the reason why I have a low tolerance for bullshit.
  • Speaking of family, ask me how I felt when I my sister looked at me in the car and said, "You do more stuff than my dad does." Funny how he did stuff for show, when she was too young to remember, when it didn't even matter. Interesting how I do what I can, which to me is not enough, but my sister remembers every little bit of it.
  • Los Angeles is nothing but a reminder to me of where I'll end up if I fuck up, where I came from and where I am now.
  • Sometimes I wish I knew how to be fake cordial...
  • So that Prince concert I went to while I was in L.A. The show was better at Madison Square Garden. And Gwen Stefani's walk out on stage...
  • She gives so little and expects so much....and don't think she won't use the information she has about you against you.
  • Hmph. Here we go with this revolving door of ex new hires.
  • I came real close to jeopardizing everything all over again.
  • I'm glad I skipped The Abbey Sunday night. I heard it was poppin, but I've seen many nights like that before...
  • This bitch tried to sass me in a meeting...I almost cursed at her, instead I did the dougie and left the conference room.
  • From now on I will start Dougie'n on anybody who talks shit...that is my new way of dealing with drama.
  • Beyonce will always overshadow you Kelly, especially when she decides to drop a single/album the same time as you. Learn to stay quiet like she'll come out winning.
  • I'll let Kelly Price off the hook this time.
  • I've got to get some regular steady dick. I'm talkin 4 times a week...not inside me either.
  • Speaking of dick, I had sex in L.A. I hate it when boys make me nut in their mouth. Especially when I try and pull out :-/
  • I wonder if my swimming pool is open yet.
  • I tried that this semester...thank God I made it out.

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victoryates said...

haven't been here on your blog in a while. heard your name on a radio show and came back to the blog. i missed your posts.